Eco Cleaning Kit


The ECO Cleaning Kit consists of:

· No. 1 microfiber, anti-bacterial ETERNO cloth (sizes 400 X 400 mm).
For the cleaning of all surfaces and particularly indicated for the cleaning of the USPA toilet seats. It thoroughly cleans delicate surfaces like steel, metals, plastic, glass, wood and ceramic. When dry it removes the dust, when wet it cleans up. The ETERNO cloth has an anti-bacterial action too.

· No. 2 hi-tech cleaner MAGIC SPONGES (sizes 125 x 55 x 35 mm).
This sponge, particularly indicated for the ceramic sanitary ware, is composed of a combination of fibres, each one having many particles that, even by means of water only, eliminate the most tenacious stains. The MAGIC SPONGE is flexible and soft and does not damage any material, since it penetrates the pores, loosens the dirt and gently removes it without scratching. The MAGIC SPONGE is ecological and anti-bacterial.

· No. 1 multi-purpose CREAM (tube of 100 gr).
This cream, non-abrasive, is ideal for removing stubborn stains, particularly formulated to be used on all surfaces. It successfully removes the limestone too. Further the cream respects the environment as it is 90% biodegradable.